The Art Farm

The Art Farm




Address: 10455 Atlanta Newnan Road


Check the Serenbe events page or the Art Farm website for upcoming events and opportunities to visit the Art Farm. Otherwise by scheduled appointments only.


Serenbe was designed with the arts in mind, including the Art Farm, a 40-acre complex that will serve as the central place for artists, the arts and culture at Serenbe. The Art Farm at Serenbe serves as Serenbe’s central place for artists, the arts and culture. This complex is deeply rooted in process, education and creating multiple platforms for creativity. Artists, practitioners, and researchers come here to deepen their practice and broaden their creative connections.

Currently The Serenbe Institute is limited in the number of artists it can bring to Serenbe each year. The aspiration is to convene and house multiple artists at a time, and the Art Farm is a response to this need and creates an essential physical place for the arts at Serenbe. The Art Farm is collaborating with Auburn University Rural Studio to construct a series of live-work artist cottages, the first of which was finished and revealed in January 2016. Interiors designed by Steve McKenzie and Kerry Howard.

We are thrilled by all the interest in the Rural Studio designed artist cottages and inquires to tour them. During the majority of the year we have artist in residence living in the cottages and are unable to open them to the public. We are excited that the cottages will be on tour June 11-12, 2016 with the Modern Architecture Tour, tickets available through our events page.

About Rural Studio:
Rural Studio is an off-campus, design-buildprogram of Auburn University, established in 1993 by D.K. Ruth and Samuel Mockbee to give architecture students a hands-on educational experience. The artist cottages will be based on Rural Studio’s 20K House project that began in 2005 as a research project to address the need for affordable housing, provide an alternative to the mobile home and accommodate potential homeowners who are unable to qualify for commercial credit. The objective of the Art Farm Rural Studio collaboration is to design and build a model house that could be reproduced on a large scale by a contractor.