Art Over Dinner with Khalilah Birdsong

Sunday, October 22, 2017 | 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Art Over Dinner with Khalilah Birdsong

Sunday, October 22nd
Cocktails, 6pm
Dinner, 7pm
Tickets $85

Khalilah Birdsong is a painter with a studio practice based in Atlanta, Georgia. The scale and evidence of physicality of her paintings echoes Alfred Leslie, Joan Mitchell, Jean Riopelle and the late abstract paintings of Gerhard Richter. Birdsong differs from many of these early abstract painters in that while they artists were tied to references to nature and a looser, freer gesture, she combines physicality with a precision and a finely-calibrated balance in her work. This speaks to her own personal gestalt, rather than any movement or school of painting defined by social milieu or a specific time. During dinner, Khalilah will discuss her journey of becoming a painter at 33 without ever previously picking up a brush. From an entertainment executive to painter, she tapped into a creative gift that was buried inside her to create a new profession. 

Sponsored by Lexus, Art Over Dinner is a series of intimate gatherings with artists and the organizations that support their work. We collaborate with the chefs at HomespunATL and local farmers to bring a seasonal meal that showcases winemakers and brewers, and invite our guest artists to spark the conversation at one long farm table on the outdoor deck of The Art Farm at Serenbe. 

Art Farm at Serenbe is a vibrant artist complex that provides a place for engagement and inspiration. It serves as Serenbe’s central place for artists, the arts and culture. This complex is deeply rooted in process, education and creating multiple platforms for creativity. Artists, practitioners and researchers come here to deepen their practice and broaden their creative connections.

Tickets non-refundable, non-transferable. Email with any questions.