Zoetic offers services in mindfulness, yoga and facilitated walking meditation in scheduled 1-2 day retreat form or to groups visiting Serenbe such as corporate retreats, weddings, or weekend getaways. The content can be customized to the needs of the group. Structured retreats begin in April-May 2015, and group sessions can be scheduled anytime in 1-2 hour segments or combined to create a custom curriculum over 3-6 hours. We are flexible.


At Zoetic, we want to provide experiences that connect mind, body, spirit and nature. This means bringing some basic tools to everyday people to help them slow down, be present and experience now the life they are working so hard to build or maintain. Those tools include mindfulness or other meditation, yoga, and education to increase self-awareness. Connecting mind, body, spirit and nature may sound mystical or daunting, but it’s just the opposite. It’s real and it’s basic. Be present. Be outdoors. Be present outdoors. Be aware of your breath, stretch a little, and maybe even sweat a little. Be aware of the fact that you are alive and living your life in this very moment… and this very moment.  The power that can come from simply breathing and being aware of one’s thoughts brings with it numerous benefits, including improved executive function, stress reduction, better physical health, and many others, and we want to help people find and leverage that power in the beautiful setting of Serenbe.