Chattahoochee Hills Charter School

Chattahoochee Hills Charter School




August - May


We are a community driven by a deep sense of purpose – a desire to support our community and provide the best educational opportunities for our children.

We believe in the joy of learning.
We believe in curiosity and wonder for the miracles of nature and everyday life.
We believe in learning from experience.
We believe in the ability to apply imagination, creativity, rigorous thinking and good judgment to resolving the problems of everyday life.
We believe in meaningful relationships and responsibility to community.
We believe in health and physical wellness.
We believe that a rigorous learning environment help us all to develop the skills and knowledge needed for a productive and meaningful life.

Our beliefs are the guide for why, what, and how we teach. They serve as our guide in developing our unique classroom curriculum, hiring our principal and teachers, creating our classroom environments, and in choosing the tools and materials that will support our children’s learning.